About a11y bytes

A11Y Bytes is a series of community-driven events and initiatives to raise the profile of digital accessibility in support of Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

A11Y Bytes was conceived in 2013 by a group of people who believe that the heart of accessibility is not about guidelines or codes or regulations. It’s about people, and how we live, access and create information. And ultimately how our lives are affected by the technologies of today.

A11Y Bytes explores all this in a fun, casual evening of lightning talks held across Australia.

Oh, and what is this a11y thing? a11y is the shorthand for “accessibility” (11 characters between a and y), and bytes because… well, you get it.

About GAAD

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is a community-driven effort whose goal is to increase the profile and understanding of digital accessibility and users with different disabilities to the widest audience possible.

All around the world, there will be people celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day by attending events and gatherings in person and online.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day is on the third Thursday of May each year.

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