A11y Bytes Canberra Speakers

Here’s what’s going down at A11y Bytes Canberra 2019.

Presentation 1: Why it’s a good business decision to embed accessibility early and throughout the product development process

Peter and Bri will be sharing practical tips to embed accessibility criteria into a team’s sprint planning.

Bri is the Canberra Lead of Idean (Capgemini’s Service Design Agency). She is a professional digital strategist with 16-years of experience enabling organisations to achieve a competitive digital presence, creating user-friendly and accessible experience for optimal stakeholder engagement; providing effective and efficient service delivery. Bri turns disengaged end users into enthusiastic contributors. Follow on Twitter: @algazel or find her on LinkedIn.

Peter is a Scrum Master and agile coach at DXC Technology. He is an experienced agile practitioner with 17 years’ experience delivering digital products. He helps teams understand the real problem, be user centred and shape an agile environment that works for them. Find him online.

Presentation 2: Level up your status messages with WCAG 2.1.

If you were blind, do you think you could understand a website’s status messages? Probably not, as successfully saving an update, validation errors or timeouts would all be in an unreachable mess of DIV and SPAN elements invisible to screen readers. But it doesn’t need to be this way, WCAG 2.1 has specific guidance for making status messages visible to screen readers. Ross will show you how to harness the power of role=”status” and make your status’ visible to everyone using several simple steps.

Ross Mullen is Director of CANAXESS, a web and digital accessibility company. He helps businesses build on-line experiences that are inclusive and benefit all people regardless of any disabilities. Ross works with a range of businesses from charities and start-ups to government organisations making their digital services and platforms accessible and inclusive. He has spoken at conferences on web accessibility, delivered one-on-one training and has written web accessibility course material delivered by TAFE.


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