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“The A to Y of Accessibility”

Gerry Neustatl, Senior Accessibility Consultant at a11y Australia, and Accessibility & Inclusive Design Lead at Australian Broadcasting Corporation

We spend countless hours online in today’s digital age. It’s where we meet, work, bank and invest, buy, read, watch, listen and chat. Accessible websites, apps and other digitation create unprecedented opportunities for inclusion and social cohesion. But what does it all mean and where can you get started? Let’s chat about the A to Y of Accessibility.

“A brief moment in ARIA”

Laurence Lewis, Online Learning Front-end Developer and Accessibility Specialist at the Queensland Department of Education

This presentation looks at ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) and gives a brief history from the first working draft in 2006, to the current recommendation released in late 2017. Laurence talks about its value in making web content accessible and discuss why ARIA might seem scary for developers. He will review some of the possible pitfalls of implementing it incorrectly which leads to inaccessible functionality for Assistive Technology users and offer suggestions to overcome issues.


Clare Bartholomew, Community Support Programs Manager at Vision Australia and Accessibility Consultant

“An accessible captcha. An impossible goal?”

Julian Scharf, Software Engineer and Accessibility Advocate

Julian has spent the last year being the accessibility advocate for a Turing challenge, commonly known as a CAPTCHA. It’s fair to say that most sight impaired users loathe CAPTCHAs. He’ll be discussing the work he’s done to date to make this product easier for screen reader users and keyboard only users.

“Test Driven Accessibility”

Larene Le Gassick, Inclusion Engineer and Software Consultant

Test driven development is a technique in which software engineers write failing tests first, and then write the code to make the tests pass. This ensure you do not overengineer the solution and have great test coverage of your business logic. Larene will demo some of the latest tools (Cypress.io and Axe) for writing automated accessibility tests for web applications.

“Creativity in UI inspired by visual restrictions”

Yuma Antoine Decaux, Founder at Oseyeris

UI paradigms are made to be aesthetic, and provide the least path of resistance to completing a task. The shift to the web in this respect is a curse for blind users. Yuma will present an example with the Trello app, and compare it with an app he had to create in-house for his own project management, followed by a demonstration of how web formats are not providing fun to blind users, and how it should be done.


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