Lily Ainsworth and Meera Pankhania

Lily Ainsworth

I am a curious, overenthusiastic anthropologist who has landed in the world of UX. My past experiences include ethnographic research on plant medicine in the Amazon jungle, teaching anthropology at Macquarie University, and having way too much fun choreographing music videos.

I am currently working at the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) on the Digital Identity project, where I have had the absolute pleasure of keeping the diversity of human experiences at the forefront of my team’s mind. I have learnt about the agile and iterative way of doing research, design, and product development, and am excited by the opportunities I can see for anthropology and UX to move closer together.

Meera Pankhania

Having spent most of my career as a user experience practitioner in the UK and now in Australia, I have recently taken a daunting leap from service design and user research to leading a product team.

As a product manager on an agile program of work at the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), I’ve been able to draw on my past experiences to prioritise product improvements by keeping user emotion in mind. The exciting challenge has been juggling user needs with the needs of policy, business, and technology (no pressure)!

I am also doing my best to not be biased towards the researchers and designers in the team…


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