Jess Irwin

Jessica Irwin is a unique young woman with a different perspective on life to most of us. Born with a high level of cerebral palsy, together with an equally high level of self-determination and raw talent, she has excelled in achieving her goal of establishing and operating a commercial photography, website and graphic design business.

Jessica strongly believes in the ability to learn from everyone you meet. Each of us has a unique skill set. “If you sit down, watch and listen to someone you will take away something that you might not have gained if you had never met”.

In 2007 Jessica met renowned photographic artist Ken Duncan. Impressed with the high standard of her work and commitment to her art, Ken invited her to work at his “Created for Life” studios on the Central Coast of NSW. Jessica worked with Ken for six years and counts herself extremely fortunate to have received tutelage and mentoring from some of the “best in the business” whilst working at his studios.

Jessica then set out along her own path, establishing her business, aptly named DARE2BU. This exciting enterprise specialises in providing keynote presentations, landscape photography, portraiture, prepress design and website development to the wider community.

In 2012 while testing the waters in music band photography, Jessica is extremely lucky to have been taken under the wing of Australia’s raw music legend Steve Balbi (Noiseworks). Her talent has been recognised by being invited to photograph on the red carpet for the ARIA Music Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Meeting bio medical engineer, Dr Jordan Nguyen, opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Dr Nguyen operates a social business, Psykinetic, aimed at creating futuristic, inclusive and empowering technologies to improve independence and quality of life for people with disabilities. Dr Nguyen quickly discovered Jessica’s pathway aligns extremely well with his vision for Psykinetic, “It is Jess’s will and determination, she just sets her mind to something and she makes it happen. It is really the power of the mind”. After Dr Jordan witness the love Jessica had for live music, he made it his mission to enable her to play an instrument.

2016 saw Jessica perform at the Opera House alongside the Australia Piano Quartet with the world’s first eye controlled instrument by Psykinetic. This performance they bowed to a standing ovation. Jessica has been invited back a number of times to perform with the Australia Piano Quartet.


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