Welcome to the WCAG parade – adding accessibility checks into automated testing to catch errors earlier

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines exist to provide guidelines that ensure content online is useable by the widest audience with a range of diverse needs, and many of these guidelines provide clear rules that can measure compliance. However, many tools for verifying WCAG compliance only check published sites or are useable only via a web browser.

As such, we have developed “WCAG-Zoo” a suite of automated tests that measure compliance of content without a web browser that checks how code changes will alter a published web page, and provide automated checks to ensure that software remains compliant with Accessibility Guidelines.


  • Samuel Spencer

    Sam Spencer has worked on a number of government agency data and metadata transformation initiatives promoting open-source and open-data in government across a number of data domains including official statistics, health and welfare reform, and the historical political biographies.

    Currently Sam works at the CSIRO as the lead developer and co-founder of the Aristotle Metadata Registry, managing the operations of whole-of-government cloud-based metadata management systems. Alongside this he is provides consulting to government agencies helping to create and migrate accurate descriptions of government data.


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