The Great Accessibility Bake-Off

It’s always better to bake in accessibility from the very beginning than tack it on after you’ve already built something. Making accessibility decisions up front in your web app can save your users a lot of frustration and save you a lot of time. But how do you know what to bake in, how to mix it all together, and whether you’ve made something good?

Let’s review the key ingredients of web accessibility — such as semantic HTML, keyboard interactivity, and a dash of ARIA — and discuss some tried-and-true recipes for accessible web development. We’ll also knead through technically challenging accessibility feats to achieve more inclusive interaction patterns. With these techniques in your recipe book, making an accessible website will be a piece of cake!


  • Cordelia McGee-Tubb

    Cordelia McGee-Tubb is a developer, designer, and cartoonist focused on making the web better for everyone. She’s a lead accessibility engineer at Salesforce and previously led web accessibility at Dropbox. An advocate for digital literacy, Cordelia teaches basic computer and internet skills to senior citizens. In her spare time, she draws autobiographical comics and collects hats shaped like food.


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