Standardising accessibility using

Developers may not understand all the complexities of building accessible websites and apps, but having a tool such as in their workflow can make it a lot easier to standardise the level of accessibility in the code that they produce.

Peter will demonstrate how can be used to test the accessibility of a development project along with how it can be used to help test and audit a website or project after it has been launched and handed over to a client or customer ensuring that standards are still met.


  • Peter Bui

    Peter Bui has been building websites since early 2000 and has never looked back.

    Working closely with other partners, he and his team at PB Web Development have created and supported a ridiculous number of websites over the last decade. Experienced in Joomla, WordPress, Grav and Laravel, Peter and his team have a broad depth of knowledge, being able to provide the best solution possible for different clients from small business to State and Federal Government.


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