Sneaking accessibility into your product

How far can you get by being sneaky?

When you’re talking about budgets, roadmaps and metrics, accessibility can be hard to justify on its own. It can seem too hard or expensive and can take several attempts to get the big wins. But something’s always getting time and budget. Can you ride that wave in the meantime?

A “story so far” case study… this talk follows the process of getting a UI library and its debugging tools into a product; and quietly including accessibility in project requirements, QA processes and development team metrics.


  • Ben Buchanan

    @200okpublic on Twitter

    I'm passionate about accessibility and web standards. The technology exists to provide rich web communications which remain accessible to all people... I believe the web industry needs create sites for users, not in spite of them. I also believe the web industry is maturing, with professional organisations to support workers; and rigorous development processes becoming the norm for web teams everywhere.

    I currently work as the Interface Architect for Ansarada (Sydney, Australia).


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