Hitchhiker’s guide to accessibility (Pre-event session: 8 – 8.45)

It can seem a big, unknown world out there in accessibility land, so come for the guided tour! In a safe, beginner-friendly, highly humorous and horizon-opening session, we’ll learn how to navigate the accessibility landscape. Come find out what this all about, and ask the questions you always wanted to ask. Because at the heart of it all, it’s really about people and experiences (with a bit of tech thrown in), and how to make it better. Curiosity required. Towel optional.


  • Allison Ravenhall

    Allison Ravenhall

    Allison Ravenhall has worked in IT since 2000, in enough roles to fill a bakery: tester, web dev, team lead, architect, usability and UX consultant, technical writer, trainer, and accessibility consultant. Allison is a Digital Accessibility Sensei at Intopia, helping organisations design and build inclusive websites and apps.


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