Designing with Compassion: The Social Model of Disability and Inclusive Design

We are entering a time where we are experiencing a fusion of the physical world with the digital world. Like the physical world, we need to ensure the digital one is accessible for people with disabilities. Quite often this is difficult due to the various structures held in place that prevent people living with disabilities from accessing technology. These structures come in the form of societal attitudes, design, communication, and the social environment. By looking at the Social Model of Disability and its impact on the principles of inclusive design, we can address and acknowledge these structures to help break them down through design in order to enforce a positive change for people living with disabilities. As creators of technological content, we all have a responsibility to alleviate and change these structures to ensure technology is accessible for all.


  • Sarah Christopher

    My name is Sarah Christopher, and I am a Digital Accessibility Analyst for Media Access Australia, in Sydney. I hold an honours degree in Behavioral Science from Flinders University in South Australia, where I majored in psychology and sociology. I have recently entered the field of User Experience Design, and accessibility, and I briefly worked as a User Interface Designer before coming to Media Access Australia. My main interests involve research (theory and methodology), accessibility, user experience design, and social inclusion for people living with disabilities.


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