Collaborating with Government for actionable accessibility testing

You’ve probably seen an “accessibility test” that results in unwieldy spreadsheets and nebulous reports. Developers want to be engaged with actionable solutions delivered by testers with a deep understanding of the code they’re working on.

When the Digital Transformation Agency came to us for help, our approach had us work alongside their project team. Their developers were soon shipping improved accessibility features as quickly as we could recommend them.


  • Taylor Yates and Tom Bredin-Grey

    Taylor Yates

    Taylor is a Junior Full-Stack Developer who specialises in front-end styling. Fluent in HTML and CSS, Taylor is also has a qualification in copywriting, and can lend a hand in design. She also knows Angular, Twig, Javascript, WordPress PHP, specialises in a11y and browser testing, and more. Taylor also owns a jewellery company called Tortie Designs where she donates 10% of her profits to The Lost Dogs Home, and other various charities.

    Tom Bredin-Grey

    Tom is a Senior Front-end Developer at Today. He specialises in crafting engaging, interactive media experiences for the web and beyond. With a user-centric, result-driven design approach he has an insatiable appetite for elegant typography, clean, maintainable code, and a high standard for accessibility and performance across devices of the past, present and future.


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