ARIA and custom component showdown

Adem and Sarah are known within Intopia for their heated arguments about ARIA, custom components and whether something fails WCAG.

Some things they agree on – why do we have “role=button” when there is a perfectly good button element just begging to be used. But others, such as how to mark-up tabs can see sparks fly from Adem, and the claws come out from Sarah.

Come and hear us talk about the pros and cons of ARIA and custom components. We promise opinions… ok, based on experience with design, implementation and testing. And we totally want you to take sides.


  • Adem and Sarah

    Sarah Pulis and Adem Cifcioglu

    Sarah: @sarahtp on Twitter

    By day I work to make the world more inclusive as director and cofounder of Intopia. By night I am an a11y avenger, working in the shadows to bring you A11y Bytes and A11y Camp. I’m described as passionate about accessibility… and then some. I also like reading WCAG – don’t hold it against me.

    Adem: @ademcifci on Twitter

    Adem is a digital accessibility consultant at NAB and co-founder and Director of Accessible Technologies at Intopia. He is also leader of A11y Bytes Melbourne and co-organiser of A11y Camp Sydney. No matter what hat he's wearing, he is leading the crusade to create universal and barrier free websites.


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