Accessible social media

Simple steps on creating accessible Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. social media posts, and multimedia presentations including YouTube video, and Powerpoint presentations. I am raising awareness for designers and content creators that implementing accessible and inclusive designs can make a lot of difference in improving the quality of everyday life of everyone, including people with disabilities.


  • Charissa Ramirez

    Charissa is a graphic designer who loves to analyse and simplify processes by creating ‘workflows’.

    Her current project involves PDFs but she is keen to explore other digital technologies in the future. The first time she got her first accessibility project, she has never stopped reading, learning, enquiring, testing, and documenting steps and errors, and would love to meet others who share the same passion as well as ‘frustrations’ in making accessible digital documents.

    If she is not at work or with friends and family, she is following up LinkedIn forums or attending Meetups, MOOCs, UX and accessibility events, such as the A11y Camp.


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