A11y Camp Speakers

May-Fei Lee

Alison Ennis

Belinda Dow

Lily Ainsworth and Meera Pankhania

Lily Ainsworth

I am a curious, overenthusiastic anthropologist who has landed in the world of UX. My past experiences include ethnographic research on plant medicine in the Amazon jungle, teaching anthropology at Macquarie University, and having way too much fun choreographing music videos.

I am currently working at the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) on the Digital Identity project, where I have had the absolute pleasure of keeping the diversity of human experiences at the forefront of my team’s mind. I have learnt about the agile and iterative way of doing research, design, and product development, and am excited by the opportunities I can see for anthropology and UX to move closer together.

Meera Pankhania

Having spent most of my career as a user experience practitioner in the UK and now in Australia, I have recently taken a daunting leap from service design and user research to leading a product team.

As a product manager on an agile program of work at the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), I’ve been able to draw on my past experiences to prioritise product improvements by keeping user emotion in mind. The exciting challenge has been juggling user needs with the needs of policy, business, and technology (no pressure)!

I am also doing my best to not be biased towards the researchers and designers in the team…

Taylor Yates and Tom Bredin-Grey

Taylor Yates

Taylor is a Junior Full-Stack Developer who specialises in front-end styling. Fluent in HTML and CSS, Taylor is also has a qualification in copywriting, and can lend a hand in design. She also knows Angular, Twig, Javascript, WordPress PHP, specialises in a11y and browser testing, and more. Taylor also owns a jewellery company called Tortie Designs where she donates 10% of her profits to The Lost Dogs Home, and other various charities.

Tom Bredin-Grey

Tom is a Senior Front-end Developer at Today. He specialises in crafting engaging, interactive media experiences for the web and beyond. With a user-centric, result-driven design approach he has an insatiable appetite for elegant typography, clean, maintainable code, and a high standard for accessibility and performance across devices of the past, present and future.

Peter Bui

Peter Bui has been building websites since early 2000 and has never looked back.

Working closely with other partners, he and his team at PB Web Development have created and supported a ridiculous number of websites over the last decade. Experienced in Joomla, WordPress, Grav and Laravel, Peter and his team have a broad depth of knowledge, being able to provide the best solution possible for different clients from small business to State and Federal Government.

Peter Buckmaster

Director, Digital Services – NSW Department of Education

Peter is a digital specialist in strategy and service design, delivering sustainable customer experiences across retail, telco, finance and education.

He is currently the Director, Digital Services, managing the re-platforming and redevelop of DoE websites into a single destination, education.nsw for 2.75 million unique visitors per month.

He has also been a User Experience Manager for Woolworths Limited and a Production Director for The White Agency.

Jess Irwin

Jessica Irwin is a unique young woman with a different perspective on life to most of us. Born with a high level of cerebral palsy, together with an equally high level of self-determination and raw talent, she has excelled in achieving her goal of establishing and operating a commercial photography, website and graphic design business.

Jessica strongly believes in the ability to learn from everyone you meet. Each of us has a unique skill set. “If you sit down, watch and listen to someone you will take away something that you might not have gained if you had never met”.

In 2007 Jessica met renowned photographic artist Ken Duncan. Impressed with the high standard of her work and commitment to her art, Ken invited her to work at his “Created for Life” studios on the Central Coast of NSW. Jessica worked with Ken for six years and counts herself extremely fortunate to have received tutelage and mentoring from some of the “best in the business” whilst working at his studios.

Jessica then set out along her own path, establishing her business, aptly named DARE2BU. This exciting enterprise specialises in providing keynote presentations, landscape photography, portraiture, prepress design and website development to the wider community.

In 2012 while testing the waters in music band photography, Jessica is extremely lucky to have been taken under the wing of Australia’s raw music legend Steve Balbi (Noiseworks). Her talent has been recognised by being invited to photograph on the red carpet for the ARIA Music Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Meeting bio medical engineer, Dr Jordan Nguyen, opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Dr Nguyen operates a social business, Psykinetic, aimed at creating futuristic, inclusive and empowering technologies to improve independence and quality of life for people with disabilities. Dr Nguyen quickly discovered Jessica’s pathway aligns extremely well with his vision for Psykinetic, “It is Jess’s will and determination, she just sets her mind to something and she makes it happen. It is really the power of the mind”. After Dr Jordan witness the love Jessica had for live music, he made it his mission to enable her to play an instrument.

2016 saw Jessica perform at the Opera House alongside the Australia Piano Quartet with the world’s first eye controlled instrument by Psykinetic. This performance they bowed to a standing ovation. Jessica has been invited back a number of times to perform with the Australia Piano Quartet.

David Masters

In his role at Microsoft, David leads Microsoft Australia’s public policy engagement and government relations program and is the Disability and Accessibility Lead on the Microsoft Australia Diversity and Inclusion Council. He has been promoting greater accessibility with Microsoft partners and customers in Australia; and was the industry representative on the Standards Australia Committee that formalised Australia’s adoption of the European Accessible ICT Procurement standard, EN301549. David has worked in various roles across the ICT sector over the last two decades. In the early-mid 2000s, he was a policy adviser to three Ministers for Communications, IT and the Arts – advising on ICT industry development, Internet regulation and innovation policies; and prior to joining Microsoft he led Government Business Strategy for HP Enterprise Services.

Cordelia McGee-Tubb

Cordelia McGee-Tubb is a developer, designer, and cartoonist focused on making the web better for everyone. She’s a lead accessibility engineer at Salesforce and previously led web accessibility at Dropbox. An advocate for digital literacy, Cordelia teaches basic computer and internet skills to senior citizens. In her spare time, she draws autobiographical comics and collects hats shaped like food.

Adem and Sarah

Sarah Pulis and Adem Cifcioglu

Sarah: @sarahtp on Twitter

By day I work to make the world more inclusive as director and cofounder of Intopia. By night I am an a11y avenger, working in the shadows to bring you A11y Bytes and A11y Camp. I’m described as passionate about accessibility… and then some. I also like reading WCAG – don’t hold it against me.

Adem: @ademcifci on Twitter

Adem is a digital accessibility consultant at NAB and co-founder and Director of Accessible Technologies at Intopia. He is also leader of A11y Bytes Melbourne and co-organiser of A11y Camp Sydney. No matter what hat he’s wearing, he is leading the crusade to create universal and barrier free websites.

Sarah Christopher

My name is Sarah Christopher, and I am a Digital Accessibility Analyst for Media Access Australia, in Sydney. I hold an honours degree in Behavioral Science from Flinders University in South Australia, where I majored in psychology and sociology. I have recently entered the field of User Experience Design, and accessibility, and I briefly worked as a User Interface Designer before coming to Media Access Australia. My main interests involve research (theory and methodology), accessibility, user experience design, and social inclusion for people living with disabilities.

Wing Ho

Wing Ho is a front-end developer with a passion for creating great user experience and a mission to spread awareness of such front-end woes. He occasionally dabbles in powerlifting amongst all things tech, and loves meeting other passionate people creating for the web together.

Samuel Spencer

Sam Spencer has worked on a number of government agency data and metadata transformation initiatives promoting open-source and open-data in government across a number of data domains including official statistics, health and welfare reform, and the historical political biographies.

Currently Sam works at the CSIRO as the lead developer and co-founder of the Aristotle Metadata Registry, managing the operations of whole-of-government cloud-based metadata management systems. Alongside this he is provides consulting to government agencies helping to create and migrate accurate descriptions of government data.

Lily Ng

Lily Ng

Lily is a senior project manager at Accenture Interactive. She has over 10 years of experience of working in the digital industry on both client side with government as well as within various digital agencies. She is a champion of accessibility, inclusive design and usability and works with teams to create quality digital products with a great user experience.

Allison Ravenhall

Allison Ravenhall

Allison Ravenhall has worked in IT since 2000, in enough roles to fill a bakery: tester, web dev, team lead, architect, usability and UX consultant, technical writer, trainer, and accessibility consultant. Allison is a Digital Accessibility Sensei at Intopia, helping organisations design and build inclusive websites and apps.

Monica Ella Regalado

Monica Ella Regalado

I’m currently Junior UX Researcher at Airteam and a 3rd year Design Computing student at the University of Sydney. Previously I worked as a Web Accessibility Analyst at Media Access Australia where I learned a lot about how people living with disabilities interact with digital experiences. I love learning about people and am inspired by their stories, not just in design but everywhere else.

Herin Hentry

Herin Hentry

Follow @HerinHentry on Twitter.

Herin has been a test consultant at Planit Software Testing for nearly 10 years and has vast experience in all facets of testing and domains including Finance, Broadcasting, Telco and specifically leading many web and app testing assignments. For the past 2 years, she has been involved in Accessibility Testing and training test team. She also participated in Open Air 2015 as Accessibility Tester in Down Under team which secured 3rd place. She is very passionate about accessibility and making a difference in people’s life.

Gian Wild

Gian Wild

Gian Wild works in the area of web accessibility: making sure web sites and mobile apps can be used by people with disabilities. She spent six years contributing to the international set of web accessibility guidelines used around the world. She is the CEO and Founder of AccessibilityOz, with offices in Australia and the United States. AccessibilityOz has been operating for five years, with clients including the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, Optus, Seek and Foxtel.

Gian spends half the year in Australia and half the year in the United States. She speaks at conferences in Australia, the US, Canada, South America and Europe. In June 2015 Gian presented to the United Nations on the importance of web accessibility at the Conference of State Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Ben Buchanan

@200okpublic on Twitter

I’m passionate about accessibility and web standards. The technology exists to provide rich web communications which remain accessible to all people… I believe the web industry needs create sites for users, not in spite of them. I also believe the web industry is maturing, with professional organisations to support workers; and rigorous development processes becoming the norm for web teams everywhere.

I currently work as the Interface Architect for Ansarada (Sydney, Australia).

Charissa Ramirez

Charissa is a graphic designer who loves to analyse and simplify processes by creating ‘workflows’.

Her current project involves PDFs but she is keen to explore other digital technologies in the future. The first time she got her first accessibility project, she has never stopped reading, learning, enquiring, testing, and documenting steps and errors, and would love to meet others who share the same passion as well as ‘frustrations’ in making accessible digital documents.

If she is not at work or with friends and family, she is following up LinkedIn forums or attending Meetups, MOOCs, UX and accessibility events, such as the A11y Camp.


Andrew Downie

If not quite scoring an awesome, at least my decades of accessibility experience should be enlightening. I bring a reasonable level of coding and standards knowledge, together with first-hand experience of using a screen reader to access online information. While I have been called a cynic, I aim to be constructive and relish opportunities offered by technology.

Andrew Arch

Andrew Arch works as a digital accessibility consultant with Intopia.

For the previous 2.5 years he worked in the Digital Transformation Office on the Digital Service Standard and supporting guidance with a particular interest in ensuring the widest range of users are assisted to interact digitally. From 2011 to 2014 he was part of the team in the Dept of Finance responsible for the supporting the implementation of the Web Accessibility National Transition Strategy for the Australian government to adopt WCAG 2.0.

Andrew has a long history with web accessibility, including working with the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative and with Vision Australia. He has also been a member of the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative’s Education and Outreach Working Group since 2001 to promote awareness, understanding, and implementation of web accessibility.

Russ Weakley

Russ Weakley

@russmaxdesign on Twitter

Russ Weakley is a world-renowned CSS expert, with a detailed knowledge of web design and development. Russ chairs the Web Standards Group (WSG) and produced a series of widely acclaimed online resources and tutorials on CSS, HTML and accessibility.


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