A11y Camp Schedule

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Time Room 1 Room 2
8:00 amHitchhiker’s guide to accessibility (Pre-event session: 8 – 8.45)

Allison Ravenhall

9:10 amThe Great Accessibility Bake-Off

Cordelia McGee-Tubb

9:50 amArtificial Intelligence: The promise of ubiquitous accessibility?

David Masters

10:30 am

Morning Tea

11:00 amFill in the Accessibility Gaps with proper reporting

Herin Hentry

Championing Accessibility – The Challenges Within Digital Agencies

Lily Ng

11:30 amBuilding an accessible auto-complete

Russ Weakley

Sneaking accessibility into your product

Ben Buchanan

12:00 pmARIA and custom component showdown

Sarah Pulis and Adem Cifcioglu

The forgotten people: going beyond the ‘minimal viable cohort’

Lily Ainsworth and Meera Pankhania

12:30 pmStandardising accessibility using Tenon.io

Peter Bui

Accessibility and design equity in education

Peter Buckmaster

1:00 pm


2:00 pmWelcome to the WCAG parade – adding accessibility checks into automated testing to catch errors earlier

Samuel Spencer

Resources for producing and presenting accessible multimedia

Andrew Downie

2:20 pm

The dark A11y behind the pub

May-Fei Lee, Alison Ennis, Belinda Dow

Inclusive User Research

Monica Ella Regalado

2:40 pmPerformant, accessible animations with CSS & a dash of JavaScript

Wing Ho

Designing with Compassion: The Social Model of Disability and Inclusive Design

Sarah Christopher

3:00 pmMobile accessibility

Gian Wild

Accessible social media

Charissa Ramirez

3:20 pmCollaborating with Government for actionable accessibility testing

Taylor Yates and Tom Bredin-Grey

WCAG 2.1 Update

Andrew Arch

3:40 pm

Afternoon Tea

4:00 pmThe Empowerment Of Technology

Jess Irwin

4:30 pm

Closing Panel Session


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